Student Counseling Center

Contact Information

Director: Douglas L. Steele, MA
Office: SGC 211/212
Phone: 208-792-2211
FAX: 208-792-2453


The Student Counseling Center assists students to improve their emotional, psychological and relational well-being while also supporting their academic success, personal autonomy, and developmental growth.

Counseling Services

The Student Counseling Center provides free mental health counseling for both full and part-time students at LC State. At any age, adjustment to college represents a major life transition and counseling is a collaborative learning process that assists students in taking responsibility for their lives and education. Licensed counselors, social workers, and a psychologist are available to assist students with a variety of personal and mental health issues which may impede academic progress and personal growth.

Services are typically provided to individuals and couples, however, time-limited and topic-focused therapy groups are occasionally available based on need or interest. Substance abuse assessment and career counseling services are also provided. The Student Counseling Center may also respond to students in crisis situations and facilitates referral to other campus or community medical/behavioral health providers as needed. The providers at the Student Counseling Center adhere to Idaho state law and their respective ethical codes governing their practice.


All student information is kept confidential in accordance with Idaho and federal laws and ethical guidelines governing professional counseling practices. Generally, the student must provide written permission to Student Counseling Center staff authorizing release of information to anyone other than those professionals directly involved in the plan of care, except for various limited exceptions as allowed by law.