Career & Advising Services

Contact Information

Director: Debra Lybyer, M Ed
Office: RCH 208
Phone: 208-792-2313
FAX: 208-792-2298
Office e-mail:

Career and Advising Services (CAS) performs the following general functions:

  • Coordinate and organize new student advising and registration events and activities;
  • Provide academic advising for first time, freshmen students and other at-risk student populations;
  • Assist students with exploration of college majors and/or career options and provision of informational resources to support that function;
  • Assist students with securing employment experiences while attending college and assist students and alumni in securing professional career opportunities through a variety of employment placement resources; and
  • Provide career counseling and support for single parents/displaced homemakers and students pursuing majors and career paths not traditionally associated with their genders.

Educational Advising

At LCSC, educational advising is viewed as the foundation for a successful college experience. Academic Students: First time freshmen, transfer students with less than 14 credits, and transfer students who have not yet completed developmental math and/or English courses will initially be advised through the CAS Central Advising Program. While working with CAS advisors, students will complete all developmental courses, an academic plan, and a career plan (this process is called "MyTrek"). Once complete, students will be assigned an academic advisor in the instructional division of their choice. Career &Technical Education Students: First time freshmen and transfer students with less than 14 credits will be advised for their initial semester of courses through the CAS Central Advising Program. Once the student registers for courses, an advisor from the student's Career & Technical Education program will be assigned. All Students: Advisors assist students in selecting courses to meet the college’s various degree and certification requirements. All degree-seeking students are required to meet with an advisor prior to registering for classes each term. Advisor assignments occur when a student completes a Program Information Form (PIF). These forms can be obtained from the Office of Admissions, Office of the Registrar, or any Division office of their respective major. Students who have chosen a major will be assigned an advisor within their division.

Undeclared Student Advising

LCSC encourages the enrollment of students who are unsure of their educational career goals. The majority of students who are undecided about their future major will declare an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts which includes the General Education Core required of all degrees at LCSC. While completing the requirements for this degree, students will work closely with their academic advisor to move toward choosing a major by taking advantage of career exploration offerings during their initial academic semesters.

At-Risk Advising

Through a comprehensive support and intervention program, the CAS office works directly with students to help ensure academic success. Conditionally Admitted Academic students will be referred to the CAS office for consultation and assistance regarding progress toward their General Education Core completion requirement. CAS informs advisors in the instructional divisions about requirements and notifies them of the status’ of their current advisees. CAS staff regularly make contact with first year students who are referred by faculty and/or showing signs of academic distress. Students who are entering, or re-entering, through the petition process may also be referred to CAS for advising and assistance in navigating their initial semesters at the college. Staff will provide information about services and support available to them during their college career.

Peer Advising Program

CAS offers a Peer Advising Program through which qualified LCSC students can assist in the advising process for new students to the college. Interested students can contact the CAS office for more information about this program.

Career Exploration

Students who are in the process of selecting a major and/or determining a career to pursue following graduation are welcome to participate in various career exploration activities. Students are encouraged to conduct information interviews, job shadows, and to use the Kuder-Journey assessment system (an internet-based career information program) to consider how their interests, values, and skills relate to the world of work. Computers with Internet access are available for career/employer research. Assistance with graduate school exploration and application is available for students interested in furthering their educational pursuits. Individual appointments with career counselors may be obtained at CAS.

Job Search

To enhance and finance their college education, many students may choose to work while pursuing their degree. The Job Match Program provides these students with job opportunities which “match” their particular interests. Listings are available in the CAS office. Students who register with this program may be contacted when appropriate referrals become available.

Employment Related Activities

To assist current students and prospective graduates in the job search process, a variety of programs and activities are available. Materials focusing on resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills, placement/credential files, professional and meal etiquette, and other job search topics are available for students. In addition, students are encouraged to speak with a career counselor individually to discuss their job search, participate in a mock interview, and/or receive a constructive critique of their materials.

Center for New Directions

The Center for New Directions (CND) helps single parents and displaced homemakers/workers who are in transition to become personally and economically self-sufficient. This service, housed in Career & Advising Services, provides brief career and educational counseling to help individuals recognize their abilities and interests, set goals, solve problems, and find a positive life direction.