First Year Experience

Contact Information

Coordinator: Tate T. Smith, M Ed
Office: RCH 203
Phone: 208-792-2208
FAX: 208-792-2568

First Year Experience Program

The First Year Experience Program engages students during their first year of college in order to increase student success, retention and degree completion.  The program supports a variety of activities such as: conducting freshmen surveys to better understand the student; facilitating a First Year Seminar (ID140: Student Success Seminar) that helps students understand themselves, their environment, how to access resources, and how to persist to achieve their goals; providing follow-up calls/correspondence to students who are struggling; assisting in academic advising; assessing student interests and facilitating the pursuit of those interests; and following-up with students who withdraw from the college.

Student Involvement & Engagement Committee

The Student Involvement & Engagement Committee (SIEC) is a committee assembled by the First Year Experience Program.  The committee's focus is to bring student programmers and student media outlets together to effectively collaborate and market/promote campus programing to increase student engagement, retention, degree completion and establish positive alumni reflections at LCSC.

The committee reviews survey data to better understand and serve students by reviewing demographics, interests, concerns, technology usage, and how they like to receive communication.  The committee also supports and employs initiatives that help connect students to the campus such as mobile apps, event calendars, and targeted marketing.