Psychology Minor

The Psychology Minor is highly adaptable and can fit a student’s needs in nearly any major. For example:

  • English and Creative Writing majors need to study character, empathy, etc., for their writing. 
  • Business majors may notice that administering a business and managing employees is about 95% social and organizational psychology. 
  • Education majors may realize their whole purpose as a teacher is developmental, social, and educational psychology – helping young minds grow. 
  • Pre-med majors should be aware the that 25% of the MCAT questions come straight from psychology courses. 
  • Social Work majors may notice much of their discipline is founded on the results from empirical psychological research. 
  • Justice Studies majors will see how much of their future work involves understanding people (from criminals to attorneys). 
  • Anyone with family or friends can benefit because the knowledge and skills learned in the minor can enhance all relationships. (Research shows the most important factor in a happy and meaningful life is good relationships.)

Those interested in acquiring a minor for teacher certification should first consult with their academic advisor and the Teacher Education & Mathematics Division.

Program Requirements

Select 17 additional credits of Psychology17.00
Total Credits20.00

A minor in Psychology can be designed to augment any existing major field of study offered at LC State. Students wishing to minor in Psychology must take Introduction to Psychology as part of the 20 credit requirement. The other 17 credits may be selected from the variety of psychology courses that are offered.

No grade lower than a "C-" will be accepted for a PSYC Minor Course.