Student Activities

Contact Information

Director: Brandon Lytle, MS
Office: SUB 208
Phone: 208-792-2256
FAX: 208-792-2082

Student Activities

The Student Activities Department offers programs and services that encourage student involvement in the campus community. The student’s participation in these activities is an integral part of the total educational experience of the college. Through involvement, students have a chance to explore opportunities, learn and practice skills, have an impact on their environment and gain a greater sense of belonging to the campus community.

Associated Students of LCSC

The Associated Students of Lewis-Clark State College (ASLCSC) perform under the executive administration of an elected President and Vice President, an elected Senate, and an appointed Judicial Branch. Also, appointed by the ASLCSC President are the Media Relations Director, Student Involvement Director, and Committees Director.

All students are encouraged to participate in ASLCSC functions actively or as observers. ASLCSC Senate meetings are open to the public and the ASLCSC executive office operates with an “open door” policy. The ASLCSC is the government of the students and serves all LCSC students. For information, call 208-792-2256.

All currently enrolled LCSC students are members of the Associated Students of LCSC. To be eligible for a Student Government Office, elected or appointed, students shall be in good standing with the college and maintain a collegiate cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5. Elected or appointed members shall carry at least eight (6) credits per semester throughout their term.

Warrior Entertainment Board

The Warrior Entertainment Board (WEB) is a student organization that plans and implements many social, cultural, and educational activities both on and off campus. The WEB is managed by students and funded by student fees. To join a committee, contact the Student Activities Department in SUB 208 or at 208-792-2804, or contact the WEB in SUB 218, 208-792-2069, or

Student Organizations

Lewis-Clark State College offers the opportunity to be involved in over 70 different student clubs or organizations. Recognized student clubs and organizations represent the full spectrum of interests of LCSC students in areas including cultural activities, academics, recreation, religious, social, and other interests. Student Activities serves as a resource center for faculty and staff who serve as advisors to student organizations. Visit, for a list of all student clubs and organizations at LCSC. This list includes advisors, purposes, and other pertinent information. For additional information or to start a new club, please contact the Student Activities Department at or 208-792-2804.

Student Publications

The Pathfinder, a weekly student newspaper, provides an opportunity for student expression and serves as a means of communication. It offers valuable experience in writing, editing, copy-reading, photography, advertising, and design. By fulfilling certain basic requirements, students may earn academic credit for staff participation. The Pathfinder is available online at The Talking River is a student publication that displays the creative writing and artistic talents of LCSC students, faculty, and international authors. The Talking River is produced by students and is available on an annual subscription basis. It is published under the auspices of the Division of Humanities.

LCSC Radio

LCSC provides opportunities for students interested in radio broadcasting. The campus radio station is operated by the students and is located in the Student Union Building. The station consists generally of free format programming and is dedicated to serving the campus and local community as a non-commercial educational station. The station’s call letters are KLCZ and broadcasts over 88.9 FM and online at

Contact Information

Campus Recreation Specialist: Jayson A. Ulrich, BS
Office: ACW 114
Phone: 208-792-2670
FAX: 208-792-2572

Campus Recreation strives to provide quality recreation experiences to the students, faculty, and staff of Lewis-Clark State College through its programs and activities. These experiences afford the diverse campus community opportunities to interact while participating in a wide variety of instructional and competitive activities that promote the development of the mind and body. Campus Recreation offers these services through the operation of Intramural and Recreational Sports and Outdoor Adventures. The programs and activities offered are subject to change based upon the interest and participation of students, faculty, and staff.

Intramural and Recreational Sports

Intramural and Recreational Sports is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of students. The program provides enjoyment and physical activity for students regardless of their skill or ability. Both recreational activities of a noncompetitive nature and intramural sports, which include organized competition in leagues and tournaments, are included in the program. All part-time students, full-time students, faculty and staff are encouraged to take part in the program.

Eligibility to Participate in Intramural and Recreational Sports varies by activities offered. Some activities are not available to faculty and staff. Students in Intercollegiate Athletics are not eligible to participate in their chosen sport in Intramural and Recreational Sports (i.e. An Intercollegiate Basketball player cannot play Intramural Basketball).

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures is dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities and resources for wilderness-based, human powered outdoor activities. We promote leadership, teamwork, personal growth, and positive educational experiences for the college and community. We currently offer outdoor trips which includes rafting, kayaking, backpacking, and rock climbing. We look forward to adding additional trips in the future.

Float-n-Tote Rental Center

The Float n Tote Rental Center provides a nonprofit outdoor service allowing inexpensive rentals for all those in our community. The current inventory includes rafting, kayaking, canoeing, backpacking, and snowshoeing equipment. We look forward to adding additional equipment in the future.