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This course is designed to provide students with a review and a solid foundation in those areas of algebra that support the real world business applications that will be encountered in the core math course entitled MTHPT 130: Math for Business Analysis. The development of critical thinking skills and real-world problem solving techniques as well as the why and how of mathematics are paramount in this course. While this course is specifically designed to meet the needs of students enrolled in Business Technology & Service programs, students in other programs are welcome, space permitting. Major topics include order of operations; signed numbers; prime factorization; unit analysis in both the standard and metric systems; algebraic equations in one and two variables; graphing and construction/analysis of linear equations; and the use of function notations. Pre-requisite: A grade of 'C' or better in MTHPT 010, MTHPT 012 or MATH 015 or satisfactory math placement.

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...Co-Requisite for MATH-153 MTHPT-103 Applied Algebra MTHPT-120 Pre-Algebra 19-22...