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This course is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in those areas of arithmetic and pre-algebra that will be encountered in MTHPT 103: Applied Algebra; or MTHPT-120: Pre-Algebra/Algebra. While this course is specifically designed to meet the needs of students enrolled in the Technical & Industrial and the Business Technology & Service programs, students in other programs are welcome,space permitting. The course utilizes algebraic concepts to review the basic operations with the learning process adapted to the adult learner. Major topics include a review of arithmetic,fractions; decimals; percents; signed numbers;scientific notation, introduction to unit conversions, and an introduction to algebra. The emphasis will be on working problems that have practical applications in the real workplace.

Business Technology and Service Division

...Basic English (GNBPT 097), and Basic Arithmetic (MTHPT 010). Technical Skill Assessment : All candidates for...

Admissions Office

...380 0-13 N/A 200-420 MTHPT-010 Language of Math MATH-015 Arithmetic...