Information Technology

Contact Information

CTO: Allen T. Schmoock, MBA
Office: SGC 111
Phone: 208-792-2215
FAX: 208-792-2842

Information Technology (IT) is transforming college life by enabling the delivery of “anywhere - anytime” individualized education. The IT Department provides services that support campus-based teaching, learning, and research by way of technology-enhanced classrooms, computer labs, high-speed networks (wired and wireless), and technical support. The IT Department also creates LCSC’s digital campus environment by enabling products such as LCMail (student e-mail), Blackboard (online courses), interactive video (real-time distance courses), and WarriorWeb (online course registration).

Open Computer Labs

Students can use an open computer lab on the Lewiston campus located in Student Union 202. Coeur d’Alene students can use computers in the LCSC-CDA main office. LCSC-CDA students can also use North Idaho College’s computer lab.

Student Network/Phone Access

Students are provided high-bandwidth access to the Internet. Key elements of this access include:


A wireless network is available in all campus buildings and on the lawn around the SUB and Sam Glenn Complex. Wireless is also available in LCSC’s dorms. Students can use their own wireless laptop, tablet, or smartphone, or check out a laptop at the SUB. (Note: Students can request a hard-wire connection to the Internet in their dorm room. Please contact the Help Desk.)


Internet access is also available from various locations including kiosk systems located at various sites, and from computer classrooms run by academic and professional-technical programs.


Local phone service is provided to all students living in residence halls for no additional charge. Students are required to provide their own telephone, and a calling card for any long distance needs. Telephone jacks in residence halls are continuously activated, so students have immediate phone access.

Help Desk

The IT Help Desk provides a broad range of support on campus. Students should contact the Help Desk for problems with passwords, internet connectivity, LCMail or WarriorWeb.

There are three ways to reach the IT Help Desk:

  1. Via e-mail at
  2. By phone at 208-792-2231
  3. In person at Sam Glenn Complex room 112.


LCMail is the College’s official means of communication. Faculty and staff will use LCMail to send information electronically to all students via the News Section. A student's username and password for LCMail are created when a new student first registers for classes. This username will remain the same during all subsequent enrollment at LCSC, and can be retained for personal use as an LCSC alumnus or alumnae. Because LCMail resides on the web, students can read their e-mail from any location that has an Internet connection. Access LCMail via


WarriorWeb provides online access to LCSC course information as well as students’ academic history. Students are assigned a secure WarriorWeb username and password after submitting an application to the college. From that point forward they can use WarriorWeb to register for classes, print a schedule for the current term, print financial aid award letters, check grades, view academic transcripts, and much more. Like LCMail, WarriorWeb can be reached from anywhere that has internet connection. Access WarriorWeb from the college’s homepage at or directly at